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White City Opportunity Area Framework – Space For Cycling?

Response date extended to 9 August 2013.

Alex Ingram is preparing a response see

Chancellors road

Creation of new shared use space between Crisp Rd and the river. Has car parking but no cycle parking.


For information only
Beadon road - moving zebra crossing - no rt turn from Glenthorn rd into Hammersmith Grove. The no right turn is except for buses and cycles.

End date 24 May 2013
Ravenscourt Gardens - 20mph speed limit not supported by calming measures.

End date 16 June 2011
On Thames Path, Furnival Gardens, Lower Mall,
Explanation [word doc], Plan [pdf]

contact Kylee Simpson
020 8753 4236

This recommends shared use and removal of "No Cycling" signs beside the river, and sugests a preferred alternative route under Hammersmith Bridge and via Rutland grove.

PLEASE RESPOND as there may be many objections to this sensible approach.

End date 16 June 2011
Surface Level crossings at Fulham Palace rd / Hammersmith Gyratory

There is restricted space for cyclists in this plan, and it might be better to remove all the subways at the initial phase, so avoiding a narrow shared use path between a flyover support and raillings.

It would also be better for pedestrians and cyclists to have a wide one stage crossing of the bus lanes and southbound traffic on Fulham Palace rd, but the engineers are not considering this as feasible.

Plans and consultation document can be found here


End date 26 May 2011
On Glenthorne Rd, Dalling Rd, Studland St

End date 7 January 2011
On Hugon road - letter, drawing

End date 7 January 2011
On Ravenscourt rd


CYCLING SUPER HIGHWAY 9 goes from Hounslow to Hyde Park Corner via Hammersmith.

Unfortunately it is not the intention to spend much money on resolving any major problems along the route, just to mark a route that many cyclists will follow.

LCC has been informed by TfL about proposed changes to the alignments of superhighways 9, 10 and 11 in west/north London. We have been invited to provide initial comments by the end of this month. The routes have not yet been agreed with the relevant boroughs and once agreed with the boroughs they will still have to go through the consultation process involving CHIPS (Cycle Highway Implementation plans) and CRIMs (Cycle Route Inspection Meetings).

In addition to the email (below) and maps (enclosed) from TfL we’re including the ‘route affirnation’ document written by Rik and Koy with group input which the TfL email refers to.

Please send any comments on the new routes to [and copy in] by December 21st so that we can send a summary to TfL before the holidays. Views on the alignment are obviously of importance and so are comments on the key barriers.


Gerhard and Tom

Map of CSH9 - CSH9map.pdf

Route assessment - RouteAffirmationReportFinal.pdf


From the TfL email:

A couple of points to note:

· We have started discussions with most of the relevant boroughs, however in some cases the route alignments are still subject to agreement with the boroughs.

· Route 11 is proposed to be relocated from the A5 onto the A41. The A5 alignment had scored poorly in LCC’s ‘Route Affirmation Process’ document (Sep 2009).

· Route 9 is aligned along the A315 from Hounslow to Hammersmith, and then via the A315 or A4 towards Hyde Park. Our preference is for the A315, but this is subject to discussion with the boroughs.

· Route 10 (not attached) is proposed to be relocated from the A40 (which had scored poorly in LCC’s ‘Route Affirmation Process’ document) onto the A404 Harrow Road (which has been previously discussed with LCC as a good alternative).

If you able to come back with comments during December that would be much appreciated