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Hammersmith Bridge

We would like to see the roadway made safer and less threatening for cyclists. Consultants are presently looking at it and are suggesting a 20mph speed limit and alterations to the carriageway. [This consultants report possibly abandoned?]

A very useful discussion on pinch points can be found at the this link

There is a question of whether cyclists should be penalised for cycling on the footways, especially carers accompanying children cycling to school. There was a meeting with the Council concerning this.


SBG Shepherds Bush Green

SBG FINAL CRISP click here

CRISP = Cycle Route Implementation and Stakeholder Plan


The LCN+ link 73 draft CRISP report deals with how the experts think a direct, safe and comfortable route can be delivered to SBG. Our rather critical response here [pdf file 460KB].

It includes


Dropping cyclists into the outside of the fast lane of a three-lane one-way highway, and then leading them across the path of turning buses, does not match the criterion that the study should provide a safe route.

LCN+ London Cycle Network Plus
CRISP Cycle Route Implementation and Stakeholder Plan

SBG NW corner

Wood Lane / Uxbridge road junction. This is now completed. There are problems with the cycle route going directly into a disused toilet block. See details

SBG SW corner

Shepherds Bush Green - Goldhawk rd junction.

There are wide areas set aside for pedestrians, and restricted turns allowed for cyclists. It would be more sensible to make the islands shared use. We are pressing for this. See our detailed observations.

As yet there is no coherent, well thought out, strategic safe provision for cyclists covering the area as a whole. Particularly should you wish to use the Holland Park roundabout.

Hammersmith Broadway

From November 2003 Consultants have been looking at the area to see what further improvements can be made. They are also doing modelling on surface level crossings. We have been disappointed that we were not involved with these proceedings.

In late March 2004 we have now seen several suggestions being put forward and have been told that we will be involved in discussions. Good. However by September 2004 we had still not been involved. BAD.

Since then we have been shown the finalised plans and made some comments on the proposal which went to the Traffic Management Advisory Panel in November 2004. The Panel did not recommended it as it was presented.

Slightly altered plans have been produced but are in obeyance until any changes to King Street go through the pipe line. The route is two way from Hammersmith Rd to King Street. It is more useful for westbound cyclists as it avoids cycling around the gyratory. It runs through traffic islands and along the pavement and across the entrance to the bus station. The route ends in the pedstrian area at the end of King Street, between the two Hammersmith underground stations [Piccadilly + District / H&C]. Cyclists should then wheel bikes through what is sometimes a very congested pedestrian area, and crossing some pedestrian flows.

The present situation is that it is on hold until late in 2005 so that it will fit in with any street scene designs that may be incorporated in King Street.

For full plan of route click here


LBHF Council have put in some measures to help cyclists. A Priority Stragic Cycle route runs across the south side of the gyratory. It uses a dismount section through a pedestrian subway to get across the Fulham Palace rd [as a temporary link]. Not really satisfactory.


We have put forward to the Council plans for surface level crossings on the south side of Hammersmith Broadway. That is between the Broadway Centre, the Apollo and the Ark. This would also allow cyclists to cross the Fulham Palace Road. Click here or on map for details.

We would also like to see a 20mph speed limit on the gyratory.

The Tram

This image shows Tim Jones of TfL and Virginia Ironside at a meeting called by Save Shepherds Bush Streets.

The Tram sounds like a good idea - but is it? We have quite a lot of historical information and maps on the proposal here

Until 8 October 2004 you can respond to a TfL consultation and find out more information from TfL here .

HOWEVER, In September 2004, the engineering manager, Nick Berrill, admitted to us that the traffic sheme for Shepherds Bush Green would not work. The proposed closing of the north side of the Green to all traffic except the tram and other public transport would lead to chaos at the Goldhawk road junction.

The plan for this junction can be downloaded here [pdf file 219Kb]

Some major change of thinking of how the tram could be designed to fit in with necessary traffic flows is required.

We are responding officially as a group to the consultation, but please have your say.

Special meetings

Council motion on cycling On 18 December 2002, The Council passed a motion by Cllr Charlie Boyle supporting cycling. This is hopefully the basis of a new era.

Meeting with Roger Khanna and others 28 January 2003. A frank and useful meeting. A basis for future action. By making some positively negative statements he has opened up the way for challenge.

Meeting with the Phil Nicholls and others 22 August 2003. There is a question of whether cyclists should be penalised for cycling on the footways of Hammersmith Bridge, especially carers accompanying children cycling to school.

Pedestrian / Cyclist conflict

Cyclists should be on the road and the roadway should be made safe for them.

Some cyclists use the pavement in a considerate way to get past blocked cycle lanes, at particularly places where safe provision has not been made, or at the start or end of their journey. Any effort by the police to penalise such cyclists would appear to be unnecessary. It is not getting at the problem cyclists.

On the other hand some cyclists are a real pain. Some cycle with complete disregard for pedestrians along busy shopping areas and we welcome any police action.

Along the riverside we would like to see the continuation of considerate leisure cycling. There are some cyclists who use it is a fast commuter route, which should not be happening.

Please be considerate, and avoid cycling on the pavement.

Cycle Training

We encourage on-road cycle training. We obtained a grant from the LBHF Education Dept to fund some training carried out by CycletrainingUK. This image shows pupils from Avonmore Primary School dealing with the traffic in the North End rd.

There is a problem in LBHF that on-road cycle training is not provided by the Council. A further problem is that the Council insists on trainees wearing a helmet, which is not the policy of some training companies.

London Boroughs Top the UK Cycling Growth League

A UK wide comparison of journeys to work shows that London boroughs lead the country in terms of the increasing proportion of journeys to work by bike.

The inner London boroughs of Islington, Hammersmith & Fulham, Lambeth, Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark are all in the UK top 14 in terms of the increase in cycling. The study, by John Parkin of the Bolton Institute, is based on the 1981, 1991 and 2001 censuses.



At our meeting 13 February 2002, Bernie Hanning gave a short presentation of his OYbike rental scheme. However great the benefits may be, this scheme may cause some difficulties for cyclists using their own bikes at the 200 cycle parking stands which have been designated as shared use. It is possible you could lock your bike to an empty stand and return to find 1 to 3 OYbikes blocking you in. We would like to see separate stands. Our critical appraisal of this scheme has not endeared us to those promoting it.

10 July 2002.
We sent a letter to the Council setting out our concerns. The proposal for a pilot study is given a go ahead.

September 2004. After more than 2 years, OYbike opens for business following a lot of publicity. With about 25 stands being used. It will be appraised by Dr Bob Noland at Imperial College for TfL, with an interim report after 3 months, and a final report after 6 months.

It is perhaps surprising that there has not been more development on the usability of the scheme. For example the codes you have to read off the screen and send over the mobile phone use 13 digits. The possible problems arising from the shared use of stands does not appear to have been addressed at all.

The use of advertising on the bikes, and hoped-for revenue, would appear to be a major part of the economics, driving force behind the scheme.

There are some details at

Image shows LBHF cycling officer Simon Franklin talking to Bernie Hanning, the inventor of the scheme.

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