We are not planning
to hold an event in 2012.
The Future... ?????



The stage is beside the river in an amazing setting.

Note; we would very much like to keep to these times.

1pm We wil be starting with the excellent Havana Good Time, to get you up and dancing.

Havana Good Time is one of the busiest and most eclectic latin bands in the UK, performing a wide range of popular latin dance music with an emphasis on danceable salsa and Cuban son.

1.45pm TINA MALI

Tina Mali is about recording the emotions in the moment she creates her songs, leaving pure melodies. She has crafted a dynamic expressive and atmospheric sound, likened to Bjork, Kate Bush and Tori Amos, with unique melodic hooks and thoughtful, challenging lyrics.

2.15pm HAVANA GOOD TIIME will be playing another set


GIUSEPPE NIEDDU will be playing the didgeridoo with his band, TALKING TREES. [ youtube1 youtube2 ]There will also be a free workshop later for those inspired.


4.10pm Rocket Number 9 will be playing

An infectious mix of soul, funk, blues, reggae and English quirkiness. The band's line-up is a classic four piece comprising singer-songwriters and brothers Ed (keyboards and vocals) and Tim (guitars and vocals), joined by George (bass) and Mark (drums).

5.10pm to 6pm

Nsimba Foggis Bitendi and his group Taxi Pata Pata will close the day.

Nsimba Foggis and Taxi Pata Pata were the first UK based African band to get a BBC Radio One live session and took Andy Kershaw’s then show by storm. Directed by the inimitable Nsimba Foggis, Taxi Pata Pata play soukous, the irrepressible rippling guitar dance music of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) infused with pan African influences and seasoned with a London vibe, topped with the finest vocals.


The event falls in BikeWeek. The GREENFEST is organised by a group of concerned volunteers put together by hfyclists [the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign].

The GREENFEST 2010 is funded by a Fast Track Small Grant from LBHF , funding from Good Going [TfL] ,
funding from the Co-operative Membership and in kind assistance from HammersmithLondon

LSW 3 - 17 June 2007