We are not planning
to hold an event in 2012.
The Future... ?????



We are fortunate to have Kite Studios presenting an art work shop.

GIUSEPPE NIEDDU will be having free didgeridoo workshops for kids and adults.

There will be lots of activities such as planting up seedlings, art stuff, etc to keep kids occupied and enthralled.

Recycletoons will be making toys from recycled material and story telling. And much more.


Free face painting

The event falls in BikeWeek. The GREENFEST is organised by a group of concerned volunteers put together by hfyclists [the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign].

The GREENFEST 2010 is funded by a Fast Track Small Grant from LBHF , funding from Good Going [TfL] ,
funding from the Co-operative Membership and in kind assistance from HammersmithLondon

LSW 3 - 17 June 2007