We are not planning
to hold an event in 2012.
The Future... ?????



By tube:
5 minute walk from Hammersmith stations [District and Piccadilly lines, and Hammersmith and City line]. Ravenscourt Park station on the District line is slightly closer.

By bus:
Many buses to Hammersmith

By bike:
Enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the walk:

Vehicle entry to site for stallholders
via continuation of Rutland Grove off Hammersmith Bridge Road. WARNING: There is a width restriction which affects wider vehicles going south on Hammersmith Bridge road. If approaching from this direction use the A4 going West AND TURN IMMEDIATELY into BRIDGE VIEW. And beware - if you miss the turning there is a long way to go before you can turn around. The turning is the insignificant little road on the left in the photo.

Journey planners: online route planners are available for cyclists and public transport. See here.

For map of area put postcode W6 9DJ into http://www.streetmap.co.uk/



The event falls in BikeWeek. The GREENFEST is organised by a group of concerned volunteers put together by hfyclists [the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign].

The GREENFEST 2010 is funded by a Fast Track Small Grant from LBHF , funding from Good Going [TfL] ,
funding from the Co-operative Membership and in kind assistance from HammersmithLondon

LSW 3 - 17 June 2007