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b]F1 hybrid broccoli

b] tokamak devices, containing plasma in a magnetic bottle.

b] Himalayan balsam - no legal issues

When the Arctic ice melts it will produce
c] fresh water, which will mix with the sea water and make it less dense and perhaps prevent the cold diluted sea water from sinking, and which may cause problems to the ocean currents, like interfering with the gulf stream.

WHY do you get frost on clear nights, but not if it is cloudy?
c] Because the clouds reflect back some of the heat radiated [lost] by the ground

leads to radiation, and trapping/reflection of radiation and green house effect.

a] Always

146: Take extra care at junctions. You should
* watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians as they are not always easy to see
* watch out for pedestrians crossing a road into which you are turning. If they have started to cross they have priority, so give way

in 1930's. Dodo around 1700, the great auk 1844

Recycling aluminium cans saves energy. How many recycled cans can be made with the energy needed to produce one can using virgin ore.
d] 20


These estimates confirm that recycling and re-melting aluminium scrap saves 95% of the energy and greenhouse gas emissions associated with primary aluminium ingot production.


The recycling of Aluminium uses 95 percent less energy than the production of primary metal from raw materials.

ENERGY consumed by a car in town compared to the energy consumed by a cyclist covering the same distance is approximately
b] 20

The extent to which walking and cycling are more sustainable than motorised
transport in energy terms is set out at figure 1.1. Cycling is the most energyefficient
mode of transport generally available, and is an order of magnitude
more efficient than motorised travel. Unlike other transport modes, cycling
uses renewable energy. CO2 emissions, which are the main contributor to
global warming, are closely linked to energy consumption.

Energy consumption per person
Bicycle 4 mph
Bicycle 10 mph
Bicycle 15 mph
Walk 4 mph
Car with two
occupants 30mpg
Figure 1.1
Energy consumption of
cycling, walking and
Source: "Bicycling Science",
Whitt & Wilson, 2nd edition
reprinted 1995, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology Press

Transport Mode Number of people carried Energy use (MJ) per passenger mile Large car (in town) 1.5 6.8
Large car (open road) 1.5 3.9
Small car (in town) 1.5 3.8
Small car (open road) 1.5 2.7
Train (Intercity) 50% full 2.1
Train (commuter) 65% full 0.9
Bus 50% full 1.0
Motorcycle 1 4.3
Walking 1 0.4
Cycling 1 0.1
Energy consumption of different modes of transport. (Source: Transport 2000)

TWO 50-watt bulbs produce the same amount of light as one 100-watt bulb.

b] False

A 100-watt bulb produces more light than two 50-watt bulbs (approximately the same amount of light as two 60-watt bulbs). You can conserve energy by using less lights with higher wattage while receiving the same amount of light. Better still use energy efficient light bulbs

Perhaps because there is the opportunity for more total heat to be conducted / convected away from the two filaments than a single one. If the filaments are operating at the same temperature, ie are at the same colour, then the ratio of light to total heat they radiate should be the same. [look up black body radiation - part of the theory behind the green house effect.]

Or perhaps the 100W lamp operates at a higher temperature, normally around 2700k, than lower wattage lamps. At a lower temperature the lamp radiates a lower proportion of visible light and the rest is radiated as infrared ie heat. So a bulb on a dimmer as it is turned down not only becomes dimmer, but the colour shifts towards red.

4 x 25 does not equal 100
If you're shopping for a new fixture, remember that a fixture with one bulb gives you more light than a similar one with several bulbs that add up to the same total wattage. So for example, one 100W bulb gives off 1 1/2 times as much light as four 25W bulbs. And you only have one bulb to buy.

incandescent bulbs
Watts Lumens
25 270
40 510
52 780
60 860
90 1540
100 1680

The number one cause of tropical deforestation worldwide is:
c] Clearing of lands for agricultural use is by far the leading cause of
tropical deforestation worldwide. In some areas ie Sumatra, commercial logging is approved in order to clear land for agriculture, but the logging is more profitable and the ground is left wasted.


What is the goal of the Kyoto Treaty signed in 1997?
Reversal of global warming. The Kyoto treaty establishes a protocol through which industrial countries would cut carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by an average 5.2 percent below 1990 levels by 2012.

13 What is the most common reason that an animal species becomes extinct? Is it because...
b. Their habitats are being destroyed by humans

Which one of these are you most likely to come across in the wild in West London

e] Stag beetle

15 Ozone forms a protective layer in the earth's upper atmosphere. What does ozone protect us from?
d] Harmful, cancer-causing sunlight?

The population of the world is currently about:
b] 6.5 billion
The current world population is slightly less than 6.5 billion (b).



The event falls in BikeWeek. The GREENFEST is organised by a group of concerned volunteers put together by hfyclists [the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign].

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