The Tram

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This image shows Tim Jones of TfL and Virginia Ironside at a meeting called by Save Shepherds Bush Streets.

The Tram sounds like a good idea - but is it? We have quite a lot of historical information and maps on the proposal here

Until 8 October 2004 you can respond to a TfL consultation and find out more information from TfL here .

HOWEVER, In September 2004, the engineering manager, Nick Berrill, admitted to us that the traffic sheme for Shepherds Bush Green would not work. The proposed closing of the north side of the Green to all traffic except the tram and other public transport would lead to chaos at the Goldhawk road junction.

The plan for this junction can be downloaded here [pdf file 219Kb]

Some major change of thinking of how the tram could be designed to fit in with necessary traffic flows is required.

Latest position: 9 November 2005
as stated by Chris Bainbridge - LBHF Transport Planning Manager

Cllr Mike Cartwright has recently made a press statement categorically opposing the use of SBG as a depot and that the council would oppose the Tram in Parliament. This is not different in essence from the position that we have maintained previously, that we would object in parliament to the extent that our list of "issues" (such as traffic displacement) with the tram have not been resolved. The use of SBG as a depot is a new proposal from TfL, so we will add that to the list. .