Hammersmith Bridge
Not fit for purpose

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The road surface of Hammersmith Bridge is not fit for purpose.

On an engineering front the surface is falling apart, allowing water and salt to reach the substructure.

The surface is threatening and is a danger to cyclists. It is not suitable for the safe passage of cyclists in a high stress area with pinch-points. The speed limit at the moment is 30mph. Between 11am and 3pm, 15% of the traffic is travelling at more than 25mph.

A permanent speed limit of 20mph should be implemented immediately. And perhaps something should be done about the surface. An adequate number of cycle logos should be put down to give cyclists the confidence that they are allowed and advised to "hold the lane".

Here are some images of the surface, taken on the 8 December 2012.

Going south near the Richmond side, cyclists have to contend with this at one of the pinch-points.

Repairs to the bridge are done leaving protruding bolt heads.

This shows a complete disregard to the possibility of injury to cyclists. It may also constitute a shredding machine for the tyres of motorists.

It is possible to fix things without bolt heads protruding above the surface.



The surface appears like the bottom of a hobnailed boot.

The followiing from an article on caligae - the classic Roman military boot. [ http://legvi.tripod.com/id84.html ]

Hob-nailed boots were not merely worn by Roman soldiers, but they became synonymous with the military. Juvenal commented on the brutal use of boots on civilians and the imprint of studs on a victim's face.

Here a steel plate. Perhaps slippery when wet. Why use that as a permanent road surface?

The images below show just some of the deterioration of the surface.

This is the quality of surface that LBHF expect cyclists should have to contend with, with the added stress of pinch-points and with motorists expecting to travel at 30mph if they can.

Does LBHF care about the bridge? Does LBHF care about cyclists?










The motto for LBHF


We [LBHF] are judged by our actions

Please contact the Leader of the Council, Cllr Nick Botterill, and Cllr Victoria Brocklebank-Fowler if you believe some action is required. Cllr Victoria Brocklebank-Fowler is the LBHF Cabinet Member for Transport and Technical Services.

You do not need to be a resident of LBHF to express your opinion. Please tell them if you use the bridge, or if you do not use the bridge for some reason, and where you live. If you are a resident of lbhf you may wish to contact your local Councillors too.

The MP for Hammersmith is Andy Slaughter MP

The bridge requires sensitive repairs, adequate cycling logos, and above all a 20mph speed limit implemented immediately.




link to this page: http://www.hfcyclists.org.uk/surface.htm

Contact: John Griffiths, john@truefeelings.com
Chair / Coordinator of hfcyclists, local branch of the London Cycling Campaign. 020 7371 1290 / 07789 095 748

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