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LBHF - who's who

With the Council we mainly deal with the Transportation Policy Team of the Environment Dept.

This is lead by Chris Bainbridge.

Simon Franklin is the cycling officer and also deals with buses.

lex Forrest deals with cycle parking, environmental events and some other issues.

Richard Evans deals with cycle facilities at Council buildings, and school travel plans.

We also deal with the Highways dept mainly through Mike Gilroy, Colin Glendenning and Dion Hallett. They are concerned with implementation of schemes.

Phil Nicholls is the Borough Engineer, in charge of Highways

Nigel Pallace is head of the Environment Dept, which includes the Highways and Policy group.

Michael Cartwright is the Deputy [important councillor] for the Environment

We also go along to The Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel meetings, lead by Huw Davies.

Cycle parking

The Council are seeking your suggestions for residential cycle parking.
Tell them where you like to see more cycle parking

LBHF cycling map

The Council have put the Borough's Cycling map on the web. The map was produced in 1998 and does not show the latest additions. Hopefully it will be updated soon.