Shepherds Bush Green

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This is the cycle path on the west side of SBG, facing the WalkAbout and the Post Office.

Does this strike you as dangerous. A mishap here tips you or someone else into the path of a fast moving vehicle. Does the Council LBHF have a Duty to Care?

This photo by Karen Fraser. She has written to Andy Slaughter MP, who has written to Chris Bainbridge of LBHF. Chris, Head of Transport Planning, explains that there will be two paths around the perimeter of the park, one adjacent to the road and one inside the tree line. Chris explains that cyclists may use both paths. The contractors will be asked to move the fence as far back as possible during the construction phase, Although the paths are part of cycle routes on the London Cycle Network, the paths on the park come under the control of the Parks Department.

Simon Still has sent us his review of the situation as of 3 December 2012. see the pdf here

John Griffiths is concerned that when the ground is frozen and covered with a light coating of snow the slope will become very treacherous. Under these conditions the tangent of the angle of the slope will exceed the coefficient of friction of rubber on ice. This is the recipe for a mass sliding on a slope. It may be hard to distinguish the boundary between the track and the slope and any person or wheel venturing onto the slope will be away.

[ If the tangent of the slope is greater than the coefficient of friction, then a mass will slide on that slope. The tangent of the slope (12 degrees) is 0.21.
Coefficient of Friction for rubber on dry concrete/asphalt=1.0
Of rubber on wet concrete =0.3
Of rubber on ice sources give in range 0.05 to 0.15 ]

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And you may wish to tell the Council. Either through your Councillor, or through the Cabinet Member concerned,

Victoria Brocklebank-Fowler, Cabinet Member for Transport and Technical Services,