Hammersmith Broadway

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Latest: These improvements, as per our suggestion below, are going to happen. Traffic modelling shows that a congestion spot on Castlenau on the other side of Hammersmith Bridge needs to be sorted out first. Following this, the surface level crossings on the South side of the gyratory, and across Fulham Palace rd, will be a great help to cyclists and pedestrians. It is being done as part of a bus priority scheme.

A particularly unpleasent area for cyclists

[see our suggestion at bottom]

From November 2003 Consultants have been looking at the area to see what further improvements can be made. They are also doing modelling on surface level crossings. We have been disappointed that we were not involved with these proceedings.

In late March 2004 we have now seen several suggestions being put forward and have been told that we will be involved in discussions. Good. However by September 2004 we had still not been involved. BAD.

Since then we have been shown the finalised plans and made some comments on the proposal which went to the Traffic Management Advisory Panel in November 2004. The Panel did not recommended it as it was presented.

Slightly altered plans have been produced but are in obeyance until any changes to King Street go through the pipe line. The route is two way from Hammersmith Rd to King Street. It is more useful for westbound cyclists as it avoids cycling around the gyratory. It runs through traffic islands and along the pavement and across the entrance to the bus station. The route ends in the pedstrian area at the end of King Street, between the two Hammersmith underground stations [Piccadilly + District / H&C]. Cyclists should then wheel bikes through what is sometimes a very congested pedestrian area, and crossing some pedestrian flows.

The present situation is that it is on hold until late in 2005 so that it will fit in with any street scene designs that may be incorporated in King Street.

For full plan of route click here


LBHF Council have put in some measures to help cyclists. A Priority Stragic Cycle route runs across the south side of the gyratory. It uses a dismount section through a pedestrian subway to get across the Fulham Palace rd [as a temporary link]. Not really satisfactory.


We have put forward to the Council plans for surface level crossings on the south side of Hammersmith Broadway. That is between the Broadway Centre, the Apollo and the Ark. This would also allow cyclists to cross the Fulham Palace Road. Click here or on map for details.

We would also like to see a 20mph speed limit on the gyratory.